Levitating markets, my sad P&L, prospect of inflation, Bitcoin, 1990s Arizona.

April 2020

Knock-ons and transmission problems

March 2020

King Dollar
Our first bounce. Are we reflating? A tour of impending terror. And Boeing.
Fed pumps big, I'm still short, and admonishments on dip-buying from Japan.
Slow fiscal. Fed to buy bad corporate debt?
Fed bazooka and the wait for fiscal
What a week. I talk trades, PNL, and macro gloom'n'doom.
Oh wow. Manage your risk - reduce exposure to equities. It's a long way down. Also: my positions and how I'm trading them.
Welcome to bearhaus. 🐻 Between corporate & sovereign credit bubbles, cryptocurrencies, and overextended P/E ratios, we’re in strange times. I’m going…