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Thank you. Really, thank you so so much for taking the time to write this. You didn't have to do this, but the fact that you are willing to help a lot of us is a testament to your amazing values and principles. Appreicate it a lot, especially in such stressful times like this.

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Hey, thanks for reading! Your comment means a lot.

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I appreciate the commentary on the dollar, but I still think a lot of very intelligent people in the USA clearly underestimate the impact of COVID-19.

All these figures and graphs in the above post are OUTdated. In a similar fashion, the narrative on the USD is now REDUNDANT if not completely IRRELEVANT already. This is not because somebody is lying or misinforming or mistaken. We are past the "True/False" debate at this point because people are waking up to the idea that a lot of their priorities need to be slamdunked in the massive rubbish plant cum graveyard called Planet Earth.

So, rather than trying to rewrite history before it happens like the USD Bulls and Bears are doing, investors should really keep their mind open to the fact that the world in which they operate has completely changed already. Therefore, using standardised measuring sticks in this four-fold crisis is akin to trying to fight Voldemort with chopsticks.

All is well and all the best. :)

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